Magnify Your Finances The Priestess Way

You have a right and a responsibility to abundance – it’s time to claim it!

Magnify Your Finances The Priestess Way

You have a right and a responsibility to abundance – it’s time to claim it!

I see you.

Spiritual AF, overflowing with purpose and determined to make the world a better place with your business.

But the money piece still isn’t clicking for you…

You can make money alright, it’s keeping it that’s the problem 

Despite all your mindset work you can’t get past labelling yourself as simply “bad with money” 

You adore working with your clients but you can’t stand the sales bit, it won’t quit feeling icky and shrouded in fear (even with those soulful selling scripts you downloaded!) 

You find yourself panicking over who you pay first – yourself or your bills.

Or you’re stuck doing all the things in your business because taking responsibility for a team and their income terrifies you. 

You’re trapped in the boom and bust cycle, watching your bank balance dwindle & not knowing why 

You manifest clients who don’t pay on time, or not at all 

Babe, you need the M.O.R.E Money Bundle!

Through a series of teaching workshops, Q&A replays and workbooks that unlock Divine abundance codes you’ll discover how to magnify your finances the Priestess way.

This is the energetic way to work with money that takes you far beyond mindset, way past just a cerebral understanding and into a total embodiment of abundance in all its forms. 

You’ll receive immediate lifetime access to: 

 💫 3 hours of practical money workshops 

 💫 90 minutes of Q&A replays 

 💫 The Priestess Practice Audio 

 💫  Downloadable Workbooks

 💫 The Money Codes Workbook 

As you travel through the workshops you’ll begin to embody the 3 most important aspects of opening to continuous money flow…


Receive full permission to feel your feels when it comes to your money; 

The avoidance, the anxiety, the dread, maybe even the disgust – you’ll lay it all out to dry and understand exactly HOW money works so you can move from fear and shame to empowered and in control.


Discover the easy ways to add financial depth to your offers so you can immediately increase your profits 

Learn the spiritual art of sacred daily selling so you can escape the boom and bust cycle (Source WANTS you to make money so you can reach more people with your gifts) 

Learn how to spend and save consciously so your money stops mysteriously disappearing


This is where we get magical. As a Priestess of Light tasked with bringing the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth I have a unique understanding of exactly how money works energetically. I’ll share with you the 10 energy bodies that exist within you, and how to manifest money through them daily. I’ll reveal the spiritual disciplines and practices necessary to replace doubt and fear with total faith and trust that M.O.R.E money is coming, all the time.

The total value of this bundle is £5555.

You can receive lifetime access today for only £111!


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